Shroud face image used with permission (c) 1978 Barrie M Schwortz
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   What is the Shroud Display?

The original Shroud of Turin is maintained by the Roman Catholic Church in Turin, Italy and is believed by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

The Shroud Display is the main feature of Garden Tomb Shroud Center at Believers, and offers an opportunity to view life-sized black & white transparencies taken of the original Shroud that depict, in amazing clarity, details of the crucified man found on the famous Shroud of Turin. .

These 4’x 8’ images were made from the original negatives from the photographs taken by the 1978 STURP (Shroud of Turin Research Project) team member, Barrie Schwortz.

There are fewer than ten Shroud Centers in the United States and the Garden Tomb Shroud Center at Believers is the only Shroud Center in Texas.

Come and see for yourself the incredible and very detailed images of the Shroud, close up at the Garden Tomb Shroud Center, at Believers.

For Hours, Location, Maps, and Admission Information see the Visitor Information page.

Shroud images used with permission (c) 1978 Barrie M Schwortz

Life sized backlit negative images of the Shroud
are on display in the Shroud Center.

Believers Christian Fellowship, home of the Garden Tomb Shroud Center, is a non-denominational Christian Church, located in the beautiful Hill Country, north of San Antonio, Texas.

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